Landscapes: Volume 2

My friend gifted me with a link to this video. It is so gorgeous and there is so much story here it could inspire a month of writing / drawing / painting / composing / thinking / journaling.  Hope it inspires you, too! ❤


My Music, My Story

The function of music is to release us from the tyranny of conscious thought. ~ Sir Thomas Beecham

(I believe this to be true to some extent; however, I also believe music can inspire creativity and bring forth new ideas. It can connect people through their emotions although they may have had very different experiences. All of the music posted here has inspired me, pushed me, helped me to survive and reinvent myself. I am sharing these songs with you – albeit in no particular order and without an explanation – in hopes you also find inspiration, motivation, a connection. Please feel free to share your  most inspiring music as well. ❤ )






Fragmented Friday

Fragmentation and Postmodernism I

Fragmentation is an important aspect of Postmodernism. A whole and entire phenomenon on its own, the postmodernist movement began in the field of architecture but spread to art, literature, cinema, culture and philosophy in no time. According to writer James Morley, postmodernism seeks to maintain elements of modern utility while returning to classical forms of the past. He describes it as an “ironic brick-a-brack or collage approach to construction that combines several tradition styles into one structure.” In fields of postmodern artwork, fragmentation signifies the breaking rather than building up of information, to form a structure that would convey a hidden message rather than the obvious message to its audience.” ~ Classic Literature Examiner Adya Sinha


Weisman Art Museum designed by Frank Gehry

Weisman Art Museum designed by Frank Gehry


Back to Beauty by Hossam Dirar

Back to Beauty by Hossam Dirar