A Safe Place to Play

This blog is intended to be beyond thought or debate. It consists only of music, writing prompts, art, feelings. It consists only of things that will help me dig ideas out of the ground, breathe life into them and nuture them into mature concepts and creative endeavors. They will eventually be plucked out and displayed elsewhere, to bring joy, illumination, and inspiration to others. Hopefully you can find something here that inspires you, too.

Guide to All This Earth:

  • Daily posts show up on the “Flirtation with Inspiration” page.
  • “Washing off the Dust of Daily Life” consists of visual prompts and inspiration – basically art.
  • “The Most Powerful Force Available to Humanity” is intended for those who gain life and inspiration from words and ideas.
  • “A Release From the Tyranny of Conscious Thought” is a repository of music, video and multimedia presentations that I find inspiring.
  • “A Label is Impossible…” is simply my About page.

Feel free to send me a link to your inspirations and creations. ~ Peace.

You see things and you say 'Why?' But I dream things that never were and I say 'Why not?' ! George Bernard Shaw


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